Connectivity For Communities

Connectivity For Communities

Rhyzome Networks is a data infrastructure company equipping communities for the digital era.


To seize and foster innovative, profitable, community-focused opportunities.


To seek, investigate and develop entrepreneurial opportunities to strengthen a vibrant community.



Proactive & Accountable

FHSI is dedicated to providing the highest quality services that not only meet the needs, but exceed the requirements of internal and external customers.

Prudent Operations

FHSI strives to provide profits to our Shareholder thereby providing growth and sustainability for the future. FHSI seeks out opportunities to leverage existing assets. FHSI is committed to continuous improvement and open to suggestions and options. FHSI creates a learning environment leading to the most efficient and effective work processes.

Acting With Integrity

Personal and corporate integrity are fundamental to our success. FHSI is accountable for its actions. FHSI keeps confidences and builds trust. FHSI admits mistakes and does not misrepresent ourselves for personal gain.

Fostering a Strong Corporate Culture

Our employees are highly valued and appreciated. FHSI fosters an organizational culture that encourages employee growth and development and recognizes individual and team contributions.