WiFi Internet Services are available in Stratford and St Marys.

What would you do with unlimited high speed WiFi?

  • Stream endless movies

  • Download until your hearts content

  • Turn off the data on your phone while at home

  • Game online without worrying about being charged overage fees

  • Skype someone you miss, or everyone you know…

Why Rhyzome?

We hear a lot of different reasons from our valued customers on why they choose Rhyzome. Such as:

  • Our service is affordable and allows unlimited usage–you will never see an overage charge!


  • There are no contracts.


  • We are municipally owned and have a small team working to provide a great customer experience.


  • The service relies on the fibre optic grid that is woven through the city, operated exclusively by Rhyzome.


  • You have control over when you purchase time and how much time you choose to buy. This allows you to tailor the service to fit your life and your budget.

Sign up today by clicking the “Sign Up Today!” button below, or by calling 519-271-4633, and experience all the reasons why more and more people are choosing Rhyzome as their internet service provider!

Join the increasing number of satisfied Rhyzome Networks customers!

Antenna, Installation & 90 Days
Antenna (No rental fees!)
90 days UNLIMITED internet access
Technical Support
Speeds up to 20 Mbps

Renewal Options

30 Days

90 Days

180 Days

365 Days

$35 tax included

$90 tax included

$178 tax included

$360 tax included

All of our internet service offerings are unlimited.

Need help renewing your connection? Check out our support section and FAQ or give us a call at 519-271-4633.

We are always happy to help!