How It Works


The Sign Up Process:

  • Fill out the online form or give us a call at 519-271-4633 to start the sign up process.

  • A site survey will be performed at the location where you are hoping to have connectivity. This is a no charge service that allows us to assess the quality of connection available at your address.

  • You will be notified after the survey and informed whether or not your location is a good candidate for Rhyzome service.

  • If the signal is sufficient you will be contacted by one of Rhyzome’s Installation Technician and will have the opportunity to book a time and date for your installation.

What happens during the installation process?

During the installation an antenna will be mounted on the exterior of your home and pointed at a Rhyzome access point. A cable will then be installed to connect the antenna to the customer supplied router. You may select a wired router which will connect directly to your device through a cable or, if you wish to connect multiple devices, you may choose to have a wireless router.

Once the physical installation is complete the technician will connect you to the Rhyzome Stratford or St.Marys SSID and will give you a walk-through on how to pay through the online payment page using your credit card.

What happens when my time expires?

When your time expires the Rhyzome payment page will be displayed once you open your browser. (For a walk through of how to pay or use a code visit our support page.)

You are free to choose from any of the available packages, enter your credit card information and then resume using the internet.

Please feel free to take a look at the packages offered on the “Sign Up” page, send an inquiry, or take a look around our site.