Fibre, Faster Wi-Fi and Looking Toward the Future: Rhyzome 2016 2

“I believe it’s truly an exciting time for the City of Stratford with increasing fibre optic and Wi-Fi coverage. I believe these technologies will continue to differentiate us from other municipalities and provide services that the citizens of Stratford can be proud of.”
–Ysni Semsedini, CEO Rhyzome Networks

Recently there have been some questions being asked about what has happened with Rhyzome projects announced in news articles from years gone past. We would like to take a moment to address those questions and also to let you in on some of the exciting changes that we have in the works for 2016 and beyond.

A newspaper article from 2011 spoke about fibre to the home (FTTH) and about the projects that were going to be launched by Rhyzome in order to investigate the costs and feasibility of offering this service to residents. Unfortunately this proved to be a very expensive endeavour with the cost of installation landing somewhere around $3000 per home—that figure does not include the cost to operate the network. When all facets were considered the decision was that this was not an economically sound or sustainable option moving forward with Fibre to the home.
That being said, we have been looking for other ways in which we can provide great connectivity options for residents and business, and we have not completely given up on bringing FTTH to Stratford.
We are currently working with a developer to explore installing fibre to homes in new subdivisions while they are in construction phase. Installing fibre at this phase of development would allow for lower installation costs to the point where FTTH could make economic sense. The timeline on a project like this is quite long because we need to work with developers in the initial stages of planning.


As for the wireless network, we are in the process of upgrading the community Wi-Fi system and it is the most economical way to provide internet access to a large number of residential customers.


The first generation of Wi-Fi access points (AP) provided individual residential speeds 8 mbps symmetrical service. We are in the process of testing Wi-Fi units that could provide individual residential speeds in the 25 – 50mbps range (and still symmetrical!). The new AP’s not only offer better speeds but also increased reliability for both commercial and residential customers. We will provide more updates as the testing stage is completed and we move out into full deployment beginning this year.

We are continuing to offer our fibre optic services to commercial customers as we have been doing since 2011. Currently Rhyzome provides service for many commercial and industrial customers in Stratford and St. Mary’s, and we continue to grow our network and these connections year over year.

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