Demystifying Fibre

If you have heard of us, looked into us, or followed along for a bit you have definitely heard mention of fibre optic internet, dark fibre and lit fibre. Essentially the difference between lit fibre and dark fibre is, at base level anyways, lit fibre is in use and therefore has light transmitting data through it whereas dark does not.

Fibre offers significant opportunity for connectivity that can be both secure and reliable and, as is the case with Rhyzome Fibre, offers symmetrical speeds–which is not a typical offering seen from other means of data transmission…that is of course unless you take a look at Rhyzome’s wi-fi which also offers symmetrical speeds. When considering real-time applications, for instance VoIP or accessing cloud data, fibre is an unparalleled option and does not get congested at peak times as is the case with alternatives.

Dark fibre is a great  solution for businesses that desire a point-to-point connection between multiple locations. This will allow you to light it yourself and the speed of transmission will be limited only by your equipment’s capabilities.

Have you ever wondered if fibre would be beneficial for your business? In the words of a very wise man…

“Think not what you would do for fibre, but what fibre can do for you”

Ok, so maybe that isn’t quite how it went.

Check out the videos below for more information on how fibre works, and an interesting episode of “How It’s Made” featuring, you guessed it, fibre optics! As always, if you have any questions or would like information on the connectivity options available to your business feel free to contact us through our contact form on the website or by calling 519-271-4633.


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